Past Shows


Our Jackie -August 2014


UCL Graters stormed the fringe for the third year running with show 'Our Jackie'. The show was described as "a mawkish satire on our grim post-Yewtree world' and sold out for the first time in Graters history. They hope to continue its success into 2015.







Crab Salad - August 2013

Returning to the Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe for the second year running, this show saw the televised reunion of the eponymous fictional sketch group. Crab Salad consisted of Julia, a popular character comedienne best known for her role as Rosie in sitcom ‘PC Mum’; Dante, who reinvented himself as a scholar but didn’t have the GCSE’s for a PhD; Max, now an arrogant Hollywood actor and Laurence, who shares a home with Max in LA, but not his success.

Broadway Baby described the show as, "extremely witty, clever and well executed," "genius," and "very funny." One audience member said that not only was it the best thing he'd seen at the Fringe, but the best thing he'd ever seen. We're not so sure, but we're glad he liked it.






Julian Ignores his Friend and Talks to a Pretty Girl - August 2012

Following the success of the December Revue, Graters agreed to headline a combined UCL Comedy night with brand new sketch material in January, again managing to fit a linking story arc into a thirty minute timeslot. Between the two evenings of material taking the production to Edinburgh seemed the obvious next step.

"Julian ignores his friend and talks to a pretty girl," our 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, cherry-picked the better sketches of the two evenings. Through refinement and repeated editing, the show wove them back into a totally rewritten and significantly expanded bar scene framework. The expanded “friend” James strengthened the show, while both girls were given more backbone. The result was something between a sketch show and a proper play, resulting in a piece of work that was touching, funny and absorbing.





The Cheese Grater Revue - December 2011

Despite the unavoidably varied nature of sketch shows, what became the Cheese Grater Revue was put together with clear vision and artistic restraint. The sketches were threaded into a cogent framework, existing in the imagination of Julian, who describes the scenes in order to impress two girls in a bar. This structure turned what would otherwise have been a handful of pick ‘n’ mix into a tastefully decorated gingerbread house.