So, who are you and why does your magazine have such a shit name?

The Cheese Grater is the alternative magazine at UCL Union, for those who wish to read something intelligent, funny and biting. It was founded in February 2004, to provide a wittier, more relevant and generally better alternative to UCL's mainstream publications from Pi Media. In November 2006 - two years after the first issue was released - the magazine won Best Small Budget Publication at the Guardian Student Media Awards, with Time Out London editor Gordon Thompson describing it as a 'diamond in a sea of shit'.

While we don't have the money for colour printing or staples, we have got enthusiasm. Twice a term, we publish an 8 page magazine and dump it across campus, with most issues going into our drop bin at the UCL Union Reception in 25 Gordon Street. Most copies are then lovingly chucked away and recycled. But we're taking a stand, and that's what matters.

We publish humorous and satirical pieces, investigative articles, and some of the finest cartoons in London. We aim to be low on budget but unrivalled on quality. It is thanks to this approach that we have won Best Publication at the UCL Union Arts Awards five times over our short history. 

You can read more about the magazine on Wikipedia and Facebook, or follow us on Twitter for our wise cracks, cynicism and general bile about the world.

If you're interested in getting involved, go to the Contact page for details on how to get in touch with us. We meet every Tuesday at 6pm to discuss ideas (adjourning to a nearby pub at 7pm sharp) and would love to have you on board.  

Honorary Life Members 

Honorary Life Membership to The Cheese Grater requires two or more years of outstanding contribution to the publication, going above and beyond one's position and consistently embodying its ethos and beliefs. The magazine could not have achieved what it has without the efforts of those listed below:  

  • Hugh Bassett
  • John Bell
  • Alex 'Daish' Daish
  • James Donaldson-Briggs
  • Bo Franklin
  • Adam Gillett
  • Charlie Hayton
  • Hannah Hudson
  • Jenni Hulse
  • Beatrice Kelly
  • René Lavanchy
  • P. K. Maguire
  • A.Z. McKenna
  • Jess Murray
  • Kate 'Scary Boots' Oliver
  • George Potts
  • Christina Ravinet
  • Mark Ravinet
  • Thom Rhoades
  • Will Rowland
  • Hannah Sketchley
  • Tim Smith
  • Gareth Spencer
  • Sam Steddy
  • Harry Stopes
  • Oscar Webb